How To Create Online Courses

How to create online courses and online coaching programs with real added value

You are a coach, consultant or trainer and would like to help your customers even better? In today’s article I will give you 15 steps how you can create real added value for your customers with an online course or coaching program.

If you are already working as a coach, trainer or consultant, you may have noticed that your clients’ problems and questions are often similar. So you always have 1:1 conversations on the same topics.

Your time for personal coaching sessions is also limited, i.e. you can only help a certain number of clients with your talents. What if you could scale your business and communicate the recurring topics of your clients to a larger group online?

Online group programs and guided online courses can be much more effective than just 1:1 conversations. This is because the group creates a unique dynamic among its members during the program.

Especially in women’s groups, a pleasant, protected space is often quickly created for all participants, in which everyone can open up.

This “showing oneself”, standing up to one’s challenges and exchanging ideas with others can already be an important (if not THE most important) factor in healing a problem. Some members are already further along and can motivate the others.

  • Provide a safe space for all program participants to meet and share. This could be a password-protected forum or a closed Facebook group, for example.
  • Ensure a pleasant and trusting atmosphere in this group. Make sure that an appreciative togetherness is cultivated here and that deep connections can develop
  • Quality over quantity. Think about how you can create real added value for your customers with your program. What is missing in other programs? What do you do particularly well? What are you asked about again and again in your coaching sessions?
  • Get in direct contact with the participants and show yourself authentic and open. Let them share your knowledge and your wealth of experience and do not hold anything back.
  • Pack your best content into the program and present it in a short and crisp way. Don’t waste your customers’ time with too much content that nobody can read or watch. What is the essence of your knowledge on this topic?
  • Let other experts have their say in your program and complement your personal knowledge and experience.
    Use different media or channels for the transfer of knowledge.
  • Everyone learns differently. Some prefer reading texts, others like watching videos or listening to audio files.
  • At the end of each module, give the participants concrete work tasks so that they can directly apply and internalize the knowledge they have learned. You can also offer worksheets in PDF format for download.
  • Always discuss the results of these work tasks in the group in order to deepen the learning effect and to ensure that no open questions remain.
  • Especially effective are tasks where members have to interact with each other, for example, in mutual interviews on a specific question.
  • Offer regular FAQ sessions within the members’ area where members can ask their questions or give feedback on the program.
  • Offer participants an option for 1:1 coaching if they are completely stuck and cannot get on with the program. Of course you don’t have to offer this for free, but you can offer special conditions for program participants.
  • Make it easy for the participants to use the contents of your program for themselves, for example by offering a comprehensive PDF file as a course book with all contents for download.
  • Always work on your own personal development and let yourself be coached.
  • Get feedback from the participants after each program session and optimize your content for even better results.

Here are some useful sources on the topic and the right software: