How to unblock Facebook

Facebook has more than one billion users who post, on a daily basis, their thoughts, feelings, or pictures onto the net and it has become for many people a synonym of the Internet and a symbol of modernity whose usefulness cannot be denied. But those frustrated by having suffered a restriction to access it can begin to be hopeful as there are solutions to the issue which vary depending on the reasons why that access was restricted.

College or work restriction

Many educational institutions have set the ban to the access to the social network as a regular practice and students will find that their Wi-Fi or Intranet computers are no longer a means to reach their friends. But also companies and businesses have found this to be a more than convenient measure to be taken since they would rather have their staff working, in spite of certain and much contested evidences that allowing workers to access FB will actually increase productivity.

Facebook prohibited by governments

The open ways Facebook is based on is a cause of alarm for some countries and, be it for moral or political reasons; they will simply not have their people exchanging data with potentially dangerous communities.

How to unblock Facebook

First, users can choose to go to any of the proxy sites that are experts in shields. A great list of them can be found at Then they must enter Facebook page there and after using it, just click off.

Second, can be blocked, while is not. So beware that‘s’ after the ‘http’.

One of the most useful solutions is no doubt VPN (Virtual Private Network) software, especially for users in restrictive countries:, IPVanish, Hide My Ass, ExpressVPN, Strong VPN, or Switch VPN are among the most common.