The Best Alternatives To Mininova

After nearly five years of loyal support, Mininova disabled access to more than a million torrent files when its website is partially shut down by it. Merely authorized publishers are able to upload documents to the site beginning today, but luckily there are a lot of potential replacements and options Bit Torrent customers may flock to.

With and an impressive 175,820,430 close to a thousand pageviews in the last 30-days, Mininova set a document that they’ll be unable to break in the long run. Last July a Dutch court ruled that Mininova had to remove all links to ‘infringing’ documents, with fatal consequences.

As it is technically unfeasible to pre- filter or approve every bittorrent file that was possibly infringing, the group made a decision to throw in the towel and just permit torrents to be posted by uploaders that were authorized. This transfer resulted in the removal of more than a million torrents , many which weren’t infringing any copyrights in any way.

Thankfully, there are nevertheless plenty of choices for all those BitTorrent customers that are seeking OpenSUSE, the latest Ubuntu or launch.

There are of course hundreds more sites we might have contained, although below we provide a random list of community bittorrent websites that are still open. If your own personal favorite is missing, feel free to post-it in the comments below – rather along with your reasons why it ought to be included in almost any lists that are approaching.

Trick: Need to download Torrents anonymously? Strive BTguard, an excellent way to download torrents securely. Or try Easynews as it still works well which is also proven by this testing site.

You might also wish to look at Usenet, if you’re trying to find highspeed downloads.