Perform in a virtual-reality experience against Maria Sharapova with an eye tracking VR headset!

Football enthusiasts are now able to have a fresh virtual-reality experience created for the 2015 version of US Available. A VR sport which lets you perform from the well-known football girl Maria Sharapova and sense what it’s similar to to confront such an athlete was created by Amex.

A Sports Event Encounter Like Real

The encounter is going to not be unavailable for every one of the attenders of the United States Open which will occur in New York in the USTA Jean King National Tennis Center from July 31st to Sept 13th. Football enthusiasts in 2013, attending the USA Open is going to not be unable to attempt the encounter thanks to three virtual-reality areas which is set up through the contest that is well-known in the football centre.

Nevertheless, Adweek had the opportunity a week ago to attempt the encounter in VR. A movie showing about what the encounter in virtual-reality appears like has been released. The encounter that is initial lasts 4 minutes and continues to be developed for Vive headset, which can be likely to really go out there to begin with.

You see, exciting Virtual Reality experiences are not going to be only about Streaming VR Porn, there will be experiences in every possible field of human interests.

“In the past several years, we have been been dipping enthusiasts through technologies in the sport,” stated Deborah Curtis, from Amex. “For people, virtual-reality is type of another development of what we’ve been do-ing, which is set the lover in the middle of the encounter. And in this instance, we are letting the lover to join this digital universe of being to the tribunal with one of football’ greats, Maria Sharapova.”