Where To Purchase A Used VR Headset

VR is pricey. Purchasing a headset which has been used already may be the alternative.

From the Samsung Gear VR up to the Zeiss VR One , you aren’t likely to get a good VR encounter for economical. The Gear VR begins around $ 100, but in the event that if you are unsure about VR only however, $ 100 is to invest in attempting some thing.

Employed VR headsets are appearing more and more as the technology proceeds to produce, but choice is rather limited for today. We realize where it is possible to get employed headphones, however there certainly are several things to think about before diving in to secondhand VR.

Things to think about prior to purchasing a secondhand VR headset

Have you got every thing that is needed?

You can not simply move away and purchase a VR headset and anticipate it to function with your present computer or telephone number. By way of example, in the event that if you are considering the Samsung Gear VR, then you definitely are likely to require a Samsung mobile and just specific versions at that. In the event that if you are contemplating the HTC Vive, then you definitely are likely to require a Computer using a top of the line artwork card, a robust Computer, at the least 4GB of Memory, HDMI 1.4 output signal, and mo-Re.

In the event that there’s no necessity the required Computer to to perform a VR headset, subsequently conserving cash on the headset it self is minimal of your concerns. Take a look at the most popular Dell computers and notebook computers for VR, particularly when you aren’t exactly certain where to begin.

You will also have to ensure you are in possession of a committed VR room, or you also will have to spend money on add-ons to get a set up it is possible to tear-down when maybe not in use.


Permit just get directly to it: Investing in a secondhand VR headset is fairly similar to purchasing a secondhand set of head phones. This has been been limited against someone else’s encounter and they will have probably perspiration engrossed with maybe an attention goober or 2 slid to the mixture. Thus, primarily, you should be okay with that.

That which you ought to then consider is maybe changing the froth encounter pads in your VR headset of preference. In the event of some head sets, such as the HTC Vive, you may also re-place the nostril rest, which is, every time they determine to send spareparts.

Of course you are aware of the possibility that the former owner had just used the headset to consume movies of www.filmspornosvr.com. So you want to make sure the device wasn’t sullied somehow..

Working State

Is the employed VR headset that you just are contemplating in functioning state? If achievable, examine it to ensure. This may be nigh-impossible in the event that if you should be purchasing on the web, and that means you ought to request pictures of the components functioning and mo-Re descriptive pictures of the equipment (interfaces and all) to ensure it is not broken.

Additionally, be cautious when you encounter vendor companies who are promoting their gear “as-is.” Whether there are not enough pictures to indicate that the equipment isn’t broken and in great operating condition, request for more. In the event owner declines, no soup for you personally.

In addition to this, many folks have smart cell phones today (all the trendy kids, anyhow), s O request owner to send you a brief movie of the gear inaction.

Secure Sellers

Till VR actually will be taking off off, Craigslist will not be heading to be an authentic resource for utilized VR headsets. In the event that if you should be acquiring your employed VR headset on the web from websites like ebay.com or Swappa, ensure you’re getting from trustworthy retailers and just those who have excellent monitor records.

Where to purchase second-hand VR headsets

Most of the outstanding VR headsets, just like the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive have just began sending, so avoid being amazed if you aren’t discovering mad prices on them for for quite a while. That said, here would be the few areas we have discovered employed VR headsets and therefore far:

Amazon: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR
Swappa: Google Day-Dream, Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, Samsung Gear VR, Razer OSVR Hacker Dev Kit
Ebay.com: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR

That is it for today. We are confident you might locate employed Vives and Oculus Rifts on Craigslist, but we are maybe not gonna move there. However, in the event that if you should be ballsy enough to invest that-much on one from Craig’s List Online Service, ensure you examine it first. No evaluation, no acquire.

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